The initial concept for these courses came about in 1995 when the developer, Pete Vander Haeghen Ed. D., was asked, because of his years of experience in development of distance learning, to develop a series of courses that would help educators learn how to use the Internet as a new teaching tool resource. In those days the Internet was in its infancy, few people imagined how powerful an educational resource it would become. School districts didn't know whether to embrace it or outlaw it. Many teachers recognized it's value but had little knowledge or experience with the Internet.

There were requirements for the new courses. The design had to be offered to educators for recertification and salary advancement. That meant they had to meet the Carnegie Commission requirements that included a 45 hour average of student work per course. The courses also had to be graduate-level professional development courses and allow students to enroll at any time. Students needed to be able to work independently at their own convenience and to be allowed one full year to complete.

The original courses were in the form of printed booklets but as the technology developed they were moved to an online format in 2005. The current courses are on their 15th edition – with a new edition being modified almost every year to keep up with the changes in technology and the Internet. In this way the content remains fresh and current. Over the years most of the changes to each new edition of the courses were the direct result of suggestions from students.

We look forward to you joining the thousands of other educators who have benefited from these courses.