Welcome to the Online Inet4Learning

Welcome to the Online edition of the Inet4Learning. This is the entry page to the online courses. If you have not registered, call 1-321-631-7880 for registration information.

We have tried to develop an online system that is simple, effective, and convenient. If you have already registered for the course, you should have received the information about how to logon, including your student ID number and passcode. If not, contact us right away at the toll free number. Each course has a different passcode.

Before you log on, read the information below:




Below are important programs you should have on your computer

Whether taking this online course or just shopping on the Internet, security for your computer and your data is important. Before you start the course, we recommend that you have a good anti-virus program (there are good free ones listed below) and other free software to remove malicious programs that can be put on your computer without you even knowing it. Be sure to check the security section within the course for more information.

MALICIOUS PROGRAM CLEANERS (In addition to your antivirus program)
The following is a list of FREE programs. Use several (at least the first two) and scan your computer weekly.

Even though the websites are included in the course, the best place to find the free downloads is Type the title into the search window. Also be careful that they don't misguide you to one of the paid versions.

Try to run at least one of these programs once a week. Programs like Malewarebytes® and SuperAntiSpyware® can be run together at the same time. You may find that one program will catch something the other one missed. Before you run them, remember to click on the "download current data file."