All of the course are 3 semester hour (units), graduate-level, professional development courses. The University of the Pacific provides official transcripts upon request.

You can enroll any time, take up to one year to complete, study at home, and work as an independent learner at your convenience. When you enroll, the tuition includes ALL materials. We will send everything you need to complete the course. There are no hidden or additional fees. You work at your own pace. When you complete the course, just email your completed coursework to the instructor. If you have questions, call or email your instructor and expect a reply the same day or next. An official transcript is available directly from the Registrar's Office upon request.

Most states will accept the courses for recertification and most school districts will accept them for salary advancement. But always check before enrolling.


Teachers, counselors, coaches, librarian, nurses, and administrators will find topics of value. Both the Internet research beginner and experienced user will benefit from these courses.

The focus is on exploring and selecting appropriate information from some of the massive amount of information on the Internet and then applying it to your teaching or other professional responsibilities.

These courses are different – they are designed for busy educators who have many other commitments and find trying to go to a regular class, even an online one, difficult. Even if you are not an experienced Internet user, or if your experience with online courses has left you a little frustrated, keep reading.


Almost everyone knows how to research the Internet – for common things like shopping, social networks, and looking for information to answer some question. These courses move into more targeted academic research by guiding you through a series of educational/informational web resources on the topic of the course.

These courses have two overall objectives:

  1. Provide experience researching and exploring Internet resources directly related to the topic of the course. While working through the assignments each web resource can lead to others. Following the links can provide an extensive collection of relevant resources. The course project, design of a learning unit on the topic of the course, requires more specific research. The course guides you to conduct in-depth research for resources that will support your project.
  2. Provide information about the variety of Internet tools available to educators that you can use with your instructional design. One other exciting element of the courses is an introduction to a large number of web resources that could be used in the classroom or online. Topics include using social networks for instruction, learning games, plagiarism, creativity software, video capture and sharing, photo editing tools, podcasting, wikis, webquests and much more.

All of the research becomes the foundation for the course project which can be a lesson plan or other type of learning event like an in-service presentation. As you move through the course, look for things you can integrate into the lesson plan/project.

You can exit the course at anytime and all your work is stored on our server. That way if your computer crashes or if you're traveling, you can access your course work anytime from anywhere that has Internet access.


The assignments in the first half of the course are strictly related to the topic of the course. Some of the assignments provide specific websites to go to and instructions on what to look for. You type your answers in text boxes. Another part has you conduct detailed research on the topic of your class project. This way you can customize your research focus to meet your specific needs.

The second half of the course explores a broad collection of different types of Internet tools you might find useful in your classroom. These assignm-ents do not go into great detail but simply introduce you to the variety and potential benefit they could provide.


The following is an overview of the process:

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The Process:

One of the most often asked questions from people considering taking the courses is, "How does this work?"