To read descriptions on each course, use the "Catalog" link on on the linked page in #1 below, click on "Click here" in the text just above the course listing.  When you have decided on which course(s), then go to the next step below.

 To Register...

  1. Click here: University of Pacific. 

  2. Find the course you want to register in and click on the title. 

IMPORTANT:  The University has a new registrations system.  Your old university student account probably won't work.  On the page titled "Log In or Create an Account" try using the left column "I am a returning user or current student/alumni using PacificNet ID."

If you get a message that your account is invalid or something that says you can't register, return to the "Log In or Create an Account" page and use the right hand column to establish a new user account.  From there you should be able to complete the registration.  This should only be necessary once.

NOTE: If you have a problem registering, call the University of the Pacific's University College (209) 946-2424. The staff will be happy to help.  You can register on the telephone too. 

Your instructor will contact you within 48 hours (excluding weekends) with information on how to take the course and with your access codes to each course. Sometimes emails get filtered as "spam" or "junk mail" or just "blocked" by school district servers or people's individual email program.  If you do not receive an email from your instructor, send a follow-up message to Pete Vander Haeghen or call 1-321-631-7880